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Hematite Elder Futhark Runes Set – 25 pc.

  • Handcrafted set of 24 Hematite Runes with 1 Blank
  • Elder Futhark
  • For Divination and Readings
  • Engraved Gold Lettering
  • Use Stones for Energy Work and other Workings


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The Runes were revealed to Odin as his death was approaching, after hanging himself from a tree and piercing himself with a spear. The Futhark alphabet originates from the runes. Over time the symbols evolved into a language, however the runes retained their magical properties. They contain powerful energy and magic from the ancestors, and are an effective form of divination. This Hematite set has handcrafted engraved gold lettering.

Hematite is a powerful stone for absorbing and countering negative and stagnant energy. It is effective for protection, grounding, and balancing the root chakra. More info on the link below.

Ancient Origins article on the Runes and the Elder Futhark

Special Properties of Hematite

Rough Hematite

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